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 Elmo Stacy  Is for Stacy. Stacy likes to watch TV, crochet, play Nintendo and she also likes to practice her spelling on her Speak and Spell. She also likes to take care of what she calls her children. Stacy has many many dolls, stuffed toys and also many many Beanie Babies.

The Spot Fred Flintstone Wilma Flinstone Barney Rubble  Devil

This Is Biscuit!

Wieners I am Biscuit Dino

Biscuit Loves To Eat Wieners

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Quela, I Love You!   Is for Quela. I Love You, Quela!  The One I Love Muchly,  pronounced Q'la, Quela works at one of the local financial institutions, likes to watch TV and play games on the computer. She also enjoys sewing, traveling and shopping.

 Quela, Before you were born I knew you; you grew like an unborn child beneath my heart. Every bone and plane in your body is fitted exactly with mine, every breath you take fills my lungs with air so new the whole world gleams. Quela, Until I knew you, I never knew myself.

Dennis   Is for Dennis. I like to do things around the house, working in the yard, building things, but mostly I just like to do computer stuff.


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Let it be
Penny Lane
Getting Better
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Rocky Gonna Fly Now
Moonlight Serenade
A Day In The Life
Strawberry Fields Forever

Magical Mystery Tour
Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Across The Universe
All You Need Is Love
With A Little Help From My Friends

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